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Before the automobile, bicycles revolutionized personal transportation. Since the creation of bicycle in 1817, new technology has emerged as primary forms of transit, yet almost everyone has a bike or knows how to ride one. The reason is because bikes are still great for many other activities, including fitness cycling, racing, and BMX. Plus, bikes are back in style and are becoming the preferred mode of transportation for urbanites across the country.

Types of Bikes

Want to experience the thrills of catching air, bumping downhill and banking it? BMX bikes are the perfect choice for you. Love the great outdoors? You’ll absolutely enjoy the beautiful backdrop of a mountain bike ride through the forest. Or maybe a breezy cruise down the sidewalk or boardwalk is your thing; the cruiser bikes would be your choice ride. No matter what type of cycling experience you're looking for, we carry the right bike for it.

Bike Safety

Unlike cars, bicycles aren't designed to absorb impact in the event of an accident: a fender bender for a car translates to a totaled bicycle - and possibly even worse for the rider. It is important to wear comprehensive helmets and pads as a safety precaution. Moreover, ensure drivers can see you with proper bicycle lighting during low-light conditions, from cloudy days to night hours.