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There are multiple advantages to bow hunting over hunting with rifles, and one of those advantages is an increase in stealth and finesse. When a gun fires, the loud noise of the shot puts surrounding animals on high alert. However, each shot of the bow is quiet and stealthy, allowing your presence to remain undetected. Shop Academy Sports + Outdoors for all of your archery supplies, and you’ll be prepared for your next successful encounter with a buck.


Knowing how to use a hunting bow is a skill that must be mastered before it can become a great hunting tool. Nearly all seasoned bow hunters first learn how to shoot by practicing with archery targets. Place the target at a decent distance and practice on your accuracy until you become a natural. Archery targets come in different styles, including the classic bulls-eye, animal replicas and block targets.


Depending on the scenario, you’ll need to utilize different types of bows. Choose from our large selection of bows, including crossbows, traditional bows, compound bows, and youth bows. For traditional archery, recurve bows are also popular among archers.


Contrary to popular belief, bow hunting is not restricted to land animals. Extend your sights to the water with bowfishing techniques. Simply target fish with one of many unique bowfishing arrows, such as AMS Chaos Carbon Spined Complete bowfishing arrows, then reel in your catches with an AMS Retriever.