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Amino Acids

What Are Amino Acid Supplements For?

Amino acid supplements provide protein in its most usable, easily digested form to maximize muscle growth and improve overall athletic performance. When athletes don't want to eat right before or after a workout, a protein shake made from amino acids is a great option to encourage muscle growth. Bodybuilding supplements of this nature can also be used as a meal replacement to expedite weight loss, since extra protein can decrease appetite, and help the dieter consume less while still receiving important nutrition.

How Do Amino Acid Supplements Work?

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) account for a large percentage of muscle protein, and are essential amino acids. Therefore, consuming amino acid supplements that include BCAAs help increase your muscle growth and recovery as you complete both weight lifting and cardio workouts.

Varieties of Amino Acids

The best amino acids generally are made of BCAAs along with peptide-bonded and free-form amino acids for a fast-absorbing, usable, easily digested form of protein. Other vitamins and supplements can be included as well, each providing additional benefits. Amino acids can be manufactured or derived from high-quality whey and egg white proteins. These supplements can come in a tab form, a powder form or a liquid form. The liquids and powders generally feature a tasty flavor, so you'll look forward to including them in your daily fitness regimen.