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Extended Sizes and Widths

It’s time to stop settling for shoes that don’t truly fit your feet, just because you are tired of looking for the perfect match. Stress no more because the challenge of shoe shopping for extended shoe sizes and widths is over: Academy Sports + Outdoors carries carries an incredible assortment of sizes and styles, so whether you have small or extended feet, you’re guaranteed to find a shoe that fits comfortably and correctly. How’s that for relief?

Our men’s shoes include a plethora of accommodating sizes ranging from size 7 all the way up to size 17. Likewise, women’s shoes include a wide variety of sizes ranging from a petite size 5 to a surefooted size 13. We also carry extended shoe sizes and widths in boys’ and girls' styles, so click your heels and take the entire family shoe shopping at Academy Sports + Outdoors carries .

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