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Shopping for a Tennis Racquet - What's Important?

Junior's Youth Racquet Size:

Adult Racquets

Adult Racquet Grip Sizes

  • Small - 4.25 inches

  • Medium - 4.375 inches

  • Large - 4.5 inches

Sizing Grips Correctly

Hold the racquet as you would shake a hand.  There should be one finger width space between pad of thumb and fingers


Tennis Racquet Head Size:

  • Midsize
    • 105 square inches and below
    • Midsize also referred to as Midplus and is best for an advanced player looking for more control

  • Oversize
    • 106 square inches and above
    • This size is best for players looking for mroe power and the larger head size makes it easier for a beginning player to enjoy the game.

Tennis Racquet Material Construction:

  • Aluminum - Titanium - Alloy
    • This construction is least expensive and the most affordable way to manufacturer a racquet. This material is durable and great for Kids and beginning players

  • Graphite
    • This material allows for more power, control and less vibration.  This material is best for players who would like to improve and for all frequent players.

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