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  1. 3 years ago
    A great smoker and easy to use
    I have an offset smoker also but due to time constants (2 days off per month) I have no time to tend a stick burner and stay caught up with my other chores. I have had my smoker for four years now and love it. I have had excellent results every time.. This smoker makes killer Brisket and Ribs....This smoker alows us to smoke year round with no effort at all
  2. 3 years ago
    Awesome smoker
    I've had my smoker about 2 years. Knew nothing a first but this smoker has always made me look like an expert. Its so easy to use. I've cooked turkeys, chickens, pork butts, lots of ribs, steaks, veggies and even smoked some fish. I've smoked sausage, bacon, cheese and some things too weird to mention. The best popper maker you can find. Hint: Clean the glass after each use and practice, practice, practice.
  1. 2 months ago
    Building a legacy to pass down
    I bought this smoker in July for the holiday and it was great. After seasoning the pit for a few hours. Then I later smoked some ribs, chicken, sausages and turkey legs all fitted inside perfectly. The end result was fantastic. I intend to do more BBQ for family and friends that will make a lasting impression for years to come. The smoker is well built and will last a very long time (with the proper care taken). This will be a smoker that I hope will be passed down to the next generation of ... read more backyard BBQs. It is a great buy. Keep that meat a smokin'.
  2. 5 months ago
    GREAT Smoker !!
    My wife bought this smoker for me. I went to our local meat market and bought some beef fat to season it. I also purchased a package of BBQ felt generally used on a green egg smoker/grill to properly seal the lid to the smoker. I have now used the smoker several times and it works fantastic !! I could not be happier with it...
  1. 3 years ago
    Nice grill
    This was the heaviest grill/smoker could find. Overall assembly was ok. Missing some washers but no big deal. Did some additional welding to strengthen and cover poor spot welds. Lids don't fit tight so plan on building gaskets for smoker. I put some gasket on the firebox split. Smoked a brisket and temps were a little challenging.  Opening into cooking chamber allows to much heat on left side of brisket but put bricks in the opening to baffle the flame. Overall happy with the grill. Guy at ... read more academy was awsome and gave a nice discount over some product finish issues that were not that big of a deal. Looking for a custom fit cover. Char broil should make a custom like they do for their smokers
  2. 1 month ago
    Great product
    Good heavy steel and cooking grates along with great versatility make this a fun cooker. I seasoned the entire cooker as recommended before I used it and started off smoking baby back and spare ribs. Since then, the family keeps asking when am I going to cook more. Yes, there are some leaks and the heat on the smoker side could be distributed better but as long as I stay with it I get great results. The gas side heats quickly and cooks well also. This was a Father's Day gift and I wouldn't ... read more take anything for it.
  1. 2 years ago
    Just got mine for Christmas and I have to say I am blown away by its performance and overall build quality!! It is a custom looking setup and its the first I have ever seen like this. Great heat & smoke distribution and lots of cooking space (I can fit about three full briskets in the smoker!). I might make a few minor mods but nothing too major. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an upgrade from the basic smokers on the market without killing the bank account.
  2. 9 months ago
    The best over under smoker
    I bought this over under smoker about a year ago and absolutely think it's the best smoker I've ever used. The fire box and lower grill in the back holds the right temp every time. One of the issues I see people having issues with is not knowing how to use this particular model. But once you learn you will have good quality bbq competition that's melts in your mouth. I've been able to get 2 pork butts, 6 slabs if ribs and 1 brisket on this bad boy.
  1. 2 years ago
    All-American Brazos Smoker
    I am really enjoying my Brazos smoker. It holds heat extremely well and keeps a proper cooking temperature with little attention. The drain works very well when I steam the cooking area after I'm done smoking. I was worried about my ability to smoke being new to this kind of cooking but found it easier than expected with the Brazos smoker.
  2. 2 years ago
    best smoker available for the money!
    I've had this for six months now and used it dozens of times. I'd recommend going to the store and picking one of the floor because the welds seem to be a bit inconsistent from unit to unit. Spend $15 on nomex gasket, $40 on 3 old country thermos. I have a large one in the top at the factory hole location and added two on the greater level in either side. I can't express how good this smoker is for the money. Couldn't be happier.
  1. 3 years ago
    My Husband Loves It
    We have owned our grill for almost 2 years. My husband loves it. The capacity is phenomenal. We have experienced no issue with the distance between the fire box and the smoker. The only problem we had was trying to find a cover to protect it from the weather. We ended up having to get a tarp and wrap it. It's not pretty but it works. We also had an issue with one of the thermometers however Academy Sports replaced it at no cost. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and look forward to ... read more having the grill for many years to come.
  2. 2 years ago
    Good, not Great for the cost
    I purchased a few months ago for a deck addition and have now used the smoker 3 times. Reading other reviews, I did put fire brick in the boxes to help stabilize the heat, but has been ineffective. Temp differences between horizontal land vertical chambers can vary as much as 100 degrees. The smoker is not as " tight " as I would expect, with smoke leakage around the vertical chamber door, between the two chambers where they join, and around fire box door, indicating a loss of heat as well. The ... read more shelves in the vertical chambers will not fit all of the rack welds, so they are not height adaptable. The quality I expected for the price is not what I expected, and with more use maybe I will change my mind, but if you want to take a chance that you would receive a unit of better quality, I could recommend it. The most important thing, the result of smoking meats in the smoker has been very good, just a lo of fight, hassle with temperature variations, and above all charcoal and wood consumption. This smoker can run through bags of charcoal if you are cooking for several hours, because if you " tamp down " the boxes they will not hold the temperatures in either box. I may be able to give it a higher rating after more use. I also contacted the Manufacturer and asked some questions and made comments about the quality mentioned above, but got no responses or offers to correct any of the items I pointed out that were deficient. I am in the middle on this smoker, but will reluctantly give it a yes recommendation opposed to a complete NO
  1. 2 years ago
    Great Unit, but beware.
    I have had this unit for 4 years and it held up ok. The unit was easy to use and great value, however 3 months in the built in thermo.. broke.. 1 year in the wood tray started to rust away... 2 years in the ignighter section fell apart.... 3 years in the knob broke for the temp and finally it decided to go up in a blaze of glory today when the regulator decided to fail open full. Never smoke with this unit unattended.
  2. 8 months ago
    Smokin with gas!
    I bought it last week and put it together last night. I followed the directions for seasoning the smoker. After seasoning I was ready to smoke. My first smoke was baby back ribs and baked potatoes, three hours later it was awesome. I was used to the electric thirty inch, but the forty XL is definitely the way to go if like smoking. I had read several reviews and used a couple of tips I had read. I bought an 8" cast iron skillet for the wood, and bought the weber 6416 disposable drip pans for ... read more more water. I used chips which is what it called for, but chips were ashes within the first two hours. I will be trying chunks when the chips are gone.
  1. 3 years ago
    What you see is not what you get...
    I guess, first and foremost, what I received was nothing like the picture. The stove pipe is coming out of the lid not the side as illustrated. There is no front shelf, but a side shelf that seems ok. I put it all together finger tight before I wen back and drilled it down. Mind you, I haven't used it yet. However, the gaps in the smoke box makes wonder if I can even come close to a constant temp. The same goes for the stove pipe. There is a 2mm gap that wasn't welded correctly. On top of all ... read more that, the thing arrived with rust included... I hope I didn't get charged more for that.
  2. 2 years ago
    Fast shipping
    Bought this smoker (as a Christmas gift) online after my husband saw it in your store in Texas. Package arrived in perfect condition and it's exactly what he wanted. We haven't used it yet but will come back and review again after the holidays.
  1. 1 year ago
    Decent for price but requires modifications
    Assembly took about an hour. Only a few nuts and bolts loose in box, no extra parts. Some welded nuts had large air gaps around them. The latches on the smoker door can pop open unexpectedly. What's not included in box but should be: 12x10x6 charcoal/wood basket, hi-temp food grade rtv silicone sealer, nomex tape/sealer. Assembled (using hi-temp rtv food grade rtv silicone on all screw & nut holes, halves of firebox, firebox to smoker, top & bottom of smoker, exhaust stack) and cured per ... read more instructions being careful not to let fuel (coals/wood) touch sides of firebox. Fuel grate curved due to heat. Paint bubbled and peeled on firebox. Hard to hold temp or get to 400 degrees when the smoker leaks. Firebox, smoker, and water doors are not airtight. Tried adjusting smoker door but leaks not minimized. Will install nomex foam/tape on firebox, water and smoker doors to remedy. Had to sand, repaint and cure smoker again! Making a charcoal/wood box. Will smoke a brisket, pork and beef ribs this weekend after installing charcoal/wood basket, wireless meat & smoker thermometer, nomex tape/sealer. Overall a decent smoker for price but be prepared and suggest ordering rtv hi-temp food grade silicone sealer, nomex tape/gasket, and a charcoal/wood basket (12" L x 10" W x 6" H). This will be an additional $100-$150 depending on where you buy but will save you time and headaches.
  2. 11 months ago
    Son Thrilled
    My son was complaining that his smoker had seen better days, so I bought this one for him for Christmas as a surprise and he happened to see the box when it came and wanted to take it home...he put it together and is currently using it...happy camper!!!! It is exactly what he was wanting and it has a lot more room for all the meat that he smokes.
  1. 2 years ago
    Good quality for the price
    I use it as a charcoal smoker and found it to be very versatile and well designed for the casual user. Fairly sturdy and maintains heat well. The water pan could be placed a little higher and thermometer can get stuck on a certain temperature, but this does not greatly impact the overall utility and function of the smoker. Good product.
  2. 3 years ago
    Good for the money with exception
    This unit works fairly well as a smoker if you use it on propane. I smoked a Butt on it starting with charcoal and finally switched over to propane about 4 hours in. I could not keep the heat up because the ash buildup was too much, the ash pan is not near big enough for a long burn even using lump. Plus it will not hold the heat in due to no insulation and many air leaks. It was easy to hold the temp using propane. I do like the rest of the features like the pot accessory and being able to use ... read more it as a small charcoal grill. It was worth the 100 bucks for what it "can" do, if I had paid the original $200+ It would have been a very poor buy. If you want a charcoal smoker, pay a few more bucks for a better one. I have done some heavy mods to the unit and it is better but I have surpassed the monitary and sweat factor of a good deal. I'll just keep it as my portable gas smoker and its other uses but I'm off to buy an egg style smoker.
  1. 9 months ago
    Excellent gas smoker
    I bought this smoker as a gift for my husband for Christmas. He had a smoker a couple of years ago but got rid of it because he could never get it to maintain a proper temperature. This Masterbuilt smoker is perfect because it has two separate compartments - one for the food and another for the wood chips, which helps to maintain the cooking temperature because you don't have to let the heat out when adding more wood chips. My husband used it to smoke chicken quarters, venison, a beef roast and ... read more some baby back ribs. Everything turned out excellent - it was perfectly cooked, very tender and tasted wonderful. He used hickory wood chips with the first try. For the beef roast I think it would be better to use wood chips that have a stronger smoked flavor because while it was good, there wasn't muck smokiness to it. The smoker also comes with some good instructions on smoking temperatures and what types of chips to use with what foods. Very pleased!!
  2. 10 months ago
    easy to operate
    I bought this to do some holiday cooking. the meat turned out great. the smoker is very easy to manage & maintain throughout the cooking process. It arrived a few days earlier than expected which was great! I would recommend this product to anyone!
  1. 12 months ago
    Great product!!
    I bought this product a month ago, and it satisfies all my needs. Great for small get togethers when you do not want to watch the pit.
  2. 6 months ago
    Works great so far!
    I bought this in store after deciding I needed more time to do stuff on my weekends besides baby-sitting my wood box smoker all day. It's not that heavy (for me) so loaded it on my cart, bought it and took it home. Assembly was easy, mainly putting the base together and removing all the tie wraps. First item I cooked with it was a brisket, and setting the smoker was as simple as dialing in your temperature and cooking time! The internal meat probe and bluetooth connectivity means you won't ever ... read more overcook your food unless you're simply not paying attention. With this smoker, all I have to do is check on/refill the wood chips using the handy side tube and let my food cook. Right now I'm smoking some salmon and monitoring it with my phone! Excellent purchase. I'm knocking one star because one rack somehow got bent and one bracket was popped off the inside of the smoker. I guess shipping to the store was somewhat rough.
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