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  1. 3 months ago
    Works great so far!
    I bought this in store after deciding I needed more time to do stuff on my weekends besides baby-sitting my wood box smoker all day. It's not that heavy (for me) so loaded it on my cart, bought it and took it home. Assembly was easy, mainly putting the base together and removing all the tie wraps. First item I cooked with it was a brisket, and setting the smoker was as simple as dialing in your temperature and cooking time! The internal meat probe and bluetooth connectivity means you won't ever ... read more overcook your food unless you're simply not paying attention. With this smoker, all I have to do is check on/refill the wood chips using the handy side tube and let my food cook. Right now I'm smoking some salmon and monitoring it with my phone! Excellent purchase. I'm knocking one star because one rack somehow got bent and one bracket was popped off the inside of the smoker. I guess shipping to the store was somewhat rough.
  2. 9 months ago
    Great product!!
    I bought this product a month ago, and it satisfies all my needs. Great for small get togethers when you do not want to watch the pit.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great Product
    I have owned this smoker for a year. I have cooked tons of meat on it. I cooked turkeys, chickens, ribs, briskets, sausage, fish, steaks, corn and more. This was my first wood burner so I had a little learning curve about how to smoke but since I got it figured out I consistently make great BBQ and everyone loves coming over to eat. The capacity is awesome. This smoker holds heat great, I can usually smoke a brisket for 15 hours without having to reload the firebox.  Only reason for the 4 star ... read more is I would rather them have left the top opening on the firebox off. It leaks quite a bit of smoke / heat. It is nice to be able to fire grill steaks but I think I may have a top welded on soon.
  2. 2 years ago
    Great Smoker for the $$$
    I bought this smoker a few months ago and after a few modifications I LOVE IT! I added fire brick to the firebox and main cooking chamber. I put in tuning plates in the main chamber to equalize the temperature in the main chamber and vertical cooking chamber. I used flexible aluminum ducting to lower the smoke stacks to the level of the 2nd highest rack in the vertical chamber and used flexible ducting from the baffle to the vertical chamber as well. After these few simple mods I have a smoker ... read more that keeps the temps with in 25 degrees between the horizontal and vertical chambers and held 225 degrees easily all day while smoking a pork shoulder and beef roast. To lower the volume of the firebox I also had a 1/4 inch plate cut to fit in the upper rack of the firebox. This lowered the ceiling of the firebox and directed more heat to the cooking chamber. Again, a simple modification. I love this smoker and how much I can put in it and have it hold a constant steady temperature.
  1. 1 year ago
    The grill wasn't in stock when I went to purchase ; however they waved the shipping charges to make sure I received the sales price .
  2. 1 year ago
    ***Buyer Beware***Brinkmann Offset Smoker/Grill
    We purchased this Brinkmann Offset Smoker and Grill from Academy on May 26th. Today (June 7th) is the first time we used the smoker portion only to find out the sheet metal and paint are WAY TOO THIN!!!! On the first use of the smoker, the paint started peeling off the smoker, and created a burnt spot where it looks as though it is about to burn through the metal. We purchased this as a trial due to the sale price $99.00. We typically purchase another brand from a local store. We were hoping to ... read more get one year's use out of this due to it being so much lighter weight metal than what we are used to when purchasing charcoal grills. At this point, we are hoping to make this last until the local store places their charcoal grills on clearance before the winter. I only gave One Star due to having no choice for No Star!!!!
  1. 7 months ago
    Very poor quality
    Just purchased this unit and noticed very large leaks in both doors due to the magnets that close the door being too far past the seal. Tried to adjust and couldn't get either door to seal completely. Taking it back and sticking with my smaller master built unit
  2. 7 months ago
    purchased for a christmas gift to myself. got it home and set it up. got up at 6 am to do a couple 7lb briskets at 225. unit came on for about 10 minutes and flashed an "e2" error and shut off. reset unit and after about 10 minutes the same thing. turned the unit off and transfered briskets to the oven to cook. came back to the smoker about 45 min later to notice smoke still coming from the vent and although the power putton was off it the heating elements were still on. complete waste of money
  1. 3 months ago
    Best overall grill to own
    I have had this grill for over a year and have grilled and smoked at least 3 times a week and have no complaints if you take care of this grill and keep it cleaned it is worth the money about to get one for my father. Enjoy the smoke and grill on.
  2. 2 months ago
    Great Grill, Okay Smoker
    As a grill it's great; large surface area which leave plenty of room for lots of food. However, the smoker function needs some work. This grill leaks air, making it near impossible to properly control the temperature. I recommend you buy some of the sealant tape for the big green egg grills and use it to seal the seams between the two firebox halves and the opening between the firebox and the grill. Then you'll need a diffuser plate for the bottom of the grill to even out the hot spots and a flu ... read more pipe extension to extend the flu down to jus above the grate. You'll also need to seal the doors as they are just a bit uneven and pull air in (still figuring out which way I'm going to do that). Finally you'll need to seal the firebox door as it has at least an 1/8" gap all the way around it.
  1. 4 years ago
    Do not buy this grill
    I bought this grill last year and was not happy with it immediately. During its first use, smoke was leaking out around the end of the grill. It seems the flimsy spot welds around the ends are inadequate, allowing the entire side wall to practically fall off. I was able to force it back on and welded it myself - so that took care of that issue. I did call the 800-number to complain on day 1. I couldn't believe they actually out-sourced the call center to India for a BBQ grill ( I am assuming ... read more they were in India based on the two people I spoke to. They were friendly and nice, but not able to resolve the problem). Then, within 6 months the entire grill body suffered severe rusting. I do not keep it covered with a grill cover, but it is stored under an awning and out of the rain/sunlight. I thought I could save some money, but I should have spent twice the amount for a well made grill. Now I will be out another $300 to find a better replacement.
  2. 1 month ago
    I received this as a Father's Day gift. It was nothing but a waste of money. I should have spent the extra dough on a decent smoker. The lid doesn't seal so smokes comes pouring out, which makes it very difficult for the smoker to reach the appropriate temperature. Very frustrating. I wonder why such a poor product is on the market. You get what you pay for.
  1. 1 year ago
    wow it so nice to buy from a company that listens
    i liked the features on this smoker and had been looking at buying one for months but some of the quality reviews scared me away . then i saw one from a month ago about the changes brinkman had made so i went and bought one . there is quite a few parts to assemble but the pics in the instructions made it quite easy . it was unbelievable how well everything lined up . nothing like things i usually get from china , the biggest complaint consumers had was the fit and leakage of smoke and heat ... read more everywhere on the smoker , so i was prepared by buying nomex gasket material and 3 tubes of rtv hi heat food safe silicone . wow i only used about 1/3 of one tube as i was assembling it . the doors fit perfect and the alignment was perfect . the addition of 2 clips to keep the main door closed was a bonus !! the amazing thing was i had no parts left over as i usually say oh i dont need this and throw it away . i seasoned it as per instructions , but i did have trouble getting it up to 400 - ill never cook on it that hi - but i was going by the built in thermometer which are usually way off . when i go to actually smoke in it i will check it with my electronic thermometer . i have many years experience of smoking and this will be perfect . btw the fit and seal was great , i could not find any - i mean zero - leakage when i was seasoning it . this thing fit together as well as the $1400 smoker i was also looking at !! all this for only $249 at academy
  2. 1 year ago
    Decent Smoker
    I really like the smoker except for one small problem, the door latch has to be the worst design there is, I can start smoking and go back to check and the door pops open. I am going to have to come up with something to remedy this problem.
  1. 8 months ago
    Brazos Smoker Delivered
    This is a five star pit for the price, size, materials, and what you get compared to other smokers for same price. I will give the workmanship a 4. Also, it was hard to find pics online of it, so I posted a few here for all to see better. I have been wanting the Brazos for years now. After owning "bolt together" smokers for decades, the all welded 485lb beast better known as the Brazos is impressive. Gotta love 1/4" steel, pull out grates, large baffle, grate level smoke stack, fire box grill, ... read more flanged doors, cool touch handles, etc. Received Brazos Smoker from delivery. It took about 10-14 days from order to delivery. It is a great pit, but mine came with a few minor issues like broken welds on main cooking grate in one corner of frame, broken weld on bolt that holds latch on firebox door, and a few small to medium deep scratches down to steel on the firebox and cooking chambers. I assume all issues are due to shipping. The welds will be fixed by my neighbor who has welding machine and buying high temp for scratches. Overall great pit! Cannot recommend this pit enough to whomever is needing a great heavy duty smoker that'll last a century. Once the steel gets hot, it will stay hot for hours. Love this smoker, hands down the best smoker for the price.
  2. 2 years ago
    best smoker available for the money!
    I've had this for six months now and used it dozens of times. I'd recommend going to the store and picking one of the floor because the welds seem to be a bit inconsistent from unit to unit. Spend $15 on nomex gasket, $40 on 3 old country thermos. I have a large one in the top at the factory hole location and added two on the greater level in either side. I can't express how good this smoker is for the money. Couldn't be happier.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great Quality
    I got a really good deal on this smoker so that might have influenced my rating a little.  Overall, it is pretty good quality.  Assembly was easy.  They only issue was that the paint cracked in one location when I tightened the screws.  I couldn't quite fit a full brisket on the top rack, but it was a large brisket and just barely didn't fit.  I trimmed it a little and it worked great.  I used propane as the heat source and put wood chunks in the charcoal pan.  This worked out really well.  I ... read more ran it for about 12 hours on a new 20 pound tank and still have about a third left. Heat was easy to maintain between 225 and 250.  Any time I had to open the lid or doors, I could just crank up the gas for a few minutes to get the temp back up.  Not bad for the price, plus you get the fish fryer setup as well. 
  2. 2 years ago
    Good quality for the price
    I use it as a charcoal smoker and found it to be very versatile and well designed for the casual user. Fairly sturdy and maintains heat well. The water pan could be placed a little higher and thermometer can get stuck on a certain temperature, but this does not greatly impact the overall utility and function of the smoker. Good product.
  1. 2 years ago
    Just got mine for Christmas and I have to say I am blown away by its performance and overall build quality!! It is a custom looking setup and its the first I have ever seen like this. Great heat & smoke distribution and lots of cooking space (I can fit about three full briskets in the smoker!). I might make a few minor mods but nothing too major. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an upgrade from the basic smokers on the market without killing the bank account.
  2. 1 year ago
    I have used a New Braunsfels smoker for years and just burned it out. For Fathers Day my family got me an Old Country over an under. It heats up evenly, no hot spots that I found. The heat is easy to maintain. I cooked baby back ribs and beef short ribs with venison sausage and corn. The whole family loved it. The only problem I had was getting the darn stickers off before I seasoned the pit. Old Country needs to switch to a sticker that peels off completely or don't use them. I would urge ... read more anyone looking to get a pit to take a close look at the Over an Under pit , its Awesome
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