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  1. 4 months ago
    The Best
    I'm a senior citizen and wanted to up the ante a tad with home defense and use while fishing on my boat. This is one very very sweet addition which covers my purposes in spades. Few things in life are as distinguishable, yet pleasing, as hearing a pump chamber a round. No matter where you read reviews this is the #1 ranked shotgun for the stated purpose as well as other uses. Mine has the 18 1/2" barrel. It looks good, feels good, balance is great and is just a special gun for the price. Enjoy!
  2. 4 years ago
    great shotgun
    Whats not to like? Great price, made in Texas, works flawlessly, loves all types of ammo. I bought it for home defense and put an 18" barrel and Knoxx-shock stock. It is an awesome gun to shoot, low recoil, . I've put probably 500rds. through it using 2 3/4", 3", birdshot, buckshot, slugs, whatever I had and never had any problems with jamming FTF, FTE or anything. A friend of mine has the 500 and you can barely tell them apart. The only thing is that you cannot change the foregrip. I love this ... read more shotgun, best purchase I've made.
  1. 6 months ago
    Solid reliable cheap
    Bought this three years ago. Accuracy is not a real point with shotguns - not a rifled pipe so if you expect much accuracy with slugs beyond 80 yards you will be disappointed. What it can do is cycle through hundreds of rounds of slugs, OO or bird shot without needing much love in return. Clean it now and then after every thirty rounds is about right and oil the mechanisms once every month or two and it should last you for years.
  2. 4 years ago
    Excellent Purchase
    I own several Mossberg shotguns and find the 88 to be an excellent shotgun for $180. The two important differences that the Maverick 88 has vs. the other Mossbergs is the cross bolt safety and the fixed forearm rails. I highly recommend upgrading to the 500 forearm rails with a new forearm which will make a huge difference in the feel of the pump. With some good polishing and about 600 rounds through mine, my Maverick 88 is smooth as butter.
  1. 2 years ago
    I purchased this shotgun a few weeks ago when it was on sale at Academy. I just got around to shooting it for the first time today. All I can say at the moment is WOW! What a GREAT shotgun! It cycled all the rounds I put through it as fast as I could pull the trigger. It was dead on accurate and as solid of a shotgun I believe I have ever owned or fired. And as a former 20 year veteran police officer I have fired a lot of shotguns. I HIGHLY recommend this shotgun. Add-ons will now be purchased ... read more to customize it. EXCELLENT!!!!
  2. 2 years ago
    Homer Defense Review
    It ain't pretty. The finish and machining leave some to be desired, but this isn't a $500 Mossy, it's a H&R for $179 - what do you want? The action is a little stiff but manageable. It's muzzle-heavy, which absorbs recoil. It's accurate and reliable. For a home/shop/yard defense weapon, it will do the job. I bought one and I'd buy another. Good value for the $$$.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great once broken in.....
    I originally purchased this shotgun for my wife for home defense. I laughed at the fact that it had Ghost ring sights but quickly changed my mind when we began to shoot with it. After the first go round with it (50 rounds Bird Shot ) I noticed a small amount of metal shavings in the receiver and worried that it would eventually fail. Since then I have put at least 300+ rounds of 00' Buck, Slug and Bird shot down range and the action is smooth and performs excellent. I recommend this gun to any ... read more first time buyers out there. I also recommend the Ghost Ring sights if you can get a model with them!
  2. 2 years ago
    Great shotgun
    I bought the model 320 6 months ago. It is pretty much an exact replica of the Winchester 1300 so it is easy to find spare parts by ordering them for the Winchester 1300 if necessary. The Savage was covered in cosmoline packing grease for shipping from China. After a thorough disassembly and cleaning, the weapon fired like a champ. Never a problem, smooth action and it just plain shoots nicely. My recommendation for all people who have problems with it, clean it before you shoot it.
  1. 3 years ago
    One great shotgun
    I cannot say enough about my Remington 870, I have had it for many years,and never had any problems, I think it is one of the best shotguns made.It is very dependable,and very versatile, there are all kinds of after market accessories available for this shotgun, from bird hunting, deer hunting, to skeet shooting,to home defense. this shotgun can do it all. Yes, there are more expensive guns out there, but I do not think that you could find one any better than the Remington 870. This shotgun is ... read more great for many situations, give it a try, you will not be sorry.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    A real "bullseye" for an entry level shotgun.
    I bought this gun, took it out twice, and have loved shooting it. It's a no frills shotgun, basic as can be, and dependable. It has conservative and classic design, a real staple of days out with the clay pigeons. It is fairly easy to maintain, and is only getting better with age. I'd start anyone off with this shotgun.
  1. 2 years ago
    Amazing Gun!!!
    I have had this gun for a little while now and absolutely love it!! It is a lot of fun to shoot, and has an amazing range on it, i was able to shoot a plastic red cup at 35 to 40 yards with no choke and get almost all the shot on target. Not bad recoil, a little more than some 410's but not that bad. I was amazed that it was only 130 dollars for such amazing quality. This May i plan taking it squirrel hunting. I love this gun.
  2. 2 years ago
    Great Little Shotgun
    Great shotgun for the money and extremely light for kids or women. Most 410s I have shot would do good at 25 yards on small game and if lucky, 30 yards. This one throws a great pattern out to 35 yards and has a super full choke. With tungsten 9 shot it will throw a great pattern out to 40 yards. I shot some 3" #4 buckshot with 9 pellets and it put 6 in the kill zone of detergent bottle at 35 yards. I'll have to test some of the 3" 000 buckshot loads with 5 pellets. It will shot good enough ... read more patterns at 35 yards to drop a squirrel with the 4 shot I tested. I'll have to test 6 shot and 7.5. Probably do even better with more pellets in shot charge.
  1. 3 months ago
    this is the one!!!!!
    Light weight, well balanced, easy pump action, with a comfortable recoil pad that absorbs it's barley noticeable kick, the shorter barrel is user friendly for us ladies. I love this shotgun, and by far it is my favorite gun, if I was asked to rate it on a scale of 1-10 it would be impossible, so I would have to rate this beautiful Remington 12 gauge a score of 1,000.
  1. 3 years ago
    Great Bargain!
    I have used an 20 gauge 870 for dove hunting for the past 20 years.  I love that gun, but have just about worn it out.  I stopped by Academy Sports to see if they had one.  When the salesman handed it to me and I saw the price of $289, I told him, "This is going to be the easiest sale you make all day." Handles and shoots well, great balance, easy aim with the vent rib.   
  2. 3 years ago
    Great Gun
    Bought this for my wife to hunt dove. She loves it. She says it was the best birthday gift she has ever gotten. There is virtually no kick with birdshot. The shotgun cycles flawlessly. For 289 bucks, this is a steal!!! I am going to purchase the same shotgun, but in 12 gauge, and its a steal also at 289 bucks too!!
  1. 2 years ago
    Great gun for kids!
    I bought this for my 8 year old son. The size is perfect. It still kicks like a 20 gauge but it has a very padded stock. After I helped him with his first few shots, he learned how to brace himself and get used to it. We have been out shooting it twice and went through 25 shells each time. His shoulder gets red and bruised each time and I said, "welcome to the club!" We can't wait for dove season!
  2. 5 years ago
    Nice size and weight
    I bought this shotgun for home defence. I liked the size and at 5 pounds it is very easy to handle. Me and my wife looked at several models of shotguns that were bulky and to heavy for my wife to handle if she needed to use it in an emergency. I spotted this shotgun on the rack easy because it was so much smaller than all the others.I have only shot it a few times but can already tell i like it alot.It has very little recoil.Of course i had to put the stock extention on to make it more ... read more comfortable to hold.As a bonus i can teach my son how to shoot with it since it is a youth model.
  1. 10 months ago
    Nice shotgun for hunting or home/self defense
    I was born and bred to be a 12 gauge man and I have owned two of these 20 gauge mossy pumps and two in the 12 gauge bore. After doing many field tests I prefer the 20 gauge 2 to 1 over the 12. The 20 has much less recoil and almost the same shot patterns as the 12 does. I have hunted for most of my life and am 6 feet 1 and weigh about 240 and find that the 12 with the pistol grip may look great but it is totally unmanageable. Many police departments have also switched from the 12 to the 20 ... read more because the 20 has about half the recoil and about the same shot pattern as the 12 does. The first several times I shot the 12 with 3 inch magnum shells I held it at about shoulder height and the pistol grip hit me in the face. Many people wrongly assume that this is a scatter gun due to it's short barrel length but if you will shoot some targets at a 50 yard or so range against a longer barrel gun then you will find out that this shotgun holds great patterns for hunting and it is also a great home/self defense weapon. The 20 is fun to shoot but the 12 with the pistol grip and 3 inch shells is unmanageable and hurts.
  1. 10 months ago
    simple to use, reliable, durable.
    I have been shooting 870s for 20 years. The newest one i picked up from acadmey is just as good as any other I have... . Great guns for every member of the house , and something they will ba able to use a life time.
  2. 4 years ago
    Super Mag - Super Product!
    I used my new Super Mag for the first time today and was completely amazed by it's performance. I took it skeet shooting and put around 75 rounds through it with no problems at all. I was especially pleased at how little recoil it produced. Being a 12 gauge pump, I expected to get hammered, but my Super Mag actually kicked less than my friend's more expensive autoloader. I would definitely recommend this shotgun to anyone looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price.
  1. 2 weeks ago
    Great boat gun
    Great gun for the duck boat. Short and light. Great choke selection available. I have run a lot of steel and dove loads (3 years)this gun. The 24 inch barrel will do well for home defense as well. I recently won a two man flush shooting my Thug.
  2. 2 years ago
  1. 2 years ago
    Great 12 gauge
    I like this gun. I went skeet shooting with it about 3 weeks ago and it was smooth, no kick so its good for youth, and it was accurate.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great, inexpensive pump!
    I bought this gun 4 years ago and it has been amazing! I've put well over 1000 rounds through it shooting anything from 2 3/4" 8 shot, 3 1/2" 000 buck, and slugs. I even dipped it in the lake on accident while duck hunting and it fires every time. I'll pass this gun onto my kids in the future when I can afford a Benelli autoloader. Great gun, great company!
  2. 3 years ago
    As all Benelli's it will never fail you. I have put over 600 rounds through (dirty and clean shells) and it has NEVER jammed. Take care of it and it will take care of you. This gun can shoot many different size rounds and it works as it should. This gun can be used anywhere from skeet shooting to turkey hunting, really any kind of shooting that could involve a shotgun. It is a great hunting shot gun because it is so easy to field strip if wet and needed to dry. Everything you need to do a field ... read more strip is on the gun. I have out shot semi-autos with this gun. It is very easy and fast to pump and load. ONLY complaint is magazine is small if skeet shooting, it can be a pain but just keep several rounds on you at all times. 
  1. 6 months ago
    The classic
    I bought this firearm, knowing full well of Remington's reputation. The legendary Remington 870 has been both a home defense and hunting shotgun for many decades. It's used by professionals and novices alike and it's plain to see why it has had a place in the safes of many gun owners and survived its reputation this long. This is a gun I would recommend to anyone. I bought the 20 Gauge variant because of its mild recoil for my wife and I have yet to see a game animal not fall to the 20 Gauge. ... read more This is a firearm I would trust to bag that trophy deer, turkey, or quail, as well as to defend mine and my family's life in threatening situation. No matter what you cannot go wrong with the Remington 870.
  2. 1 year ago
    Just what the doc ordered
    Wanted a nice-looking, inexpensive, popular, youth, reputable, 20 gauge shotgun that I could see and feel before I paid for it. And I wanted to take it to the range that day. Didn't want to wait two weeks to get it, pay a transfer fee, and keep my fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to send it back. Bingo!
  1. 2 years ago
    rough and ready
    I've had the combo gun for a while now and have run several hundred rounds through it. The gun was stiff and a little cranky in the beginning but with careful cleaning and lubrication, and a reasonable break in period, everything is running fine. It's not a piece of fine art, but it is a very acceptable multi purpose shotgun.
  2. 2 years ago
    comes with a modified choke.
    Just picked one up. Good shooting gun for the price.
  1. 2 years ago
    Great shotgun
    I've had mine almost a year and have had no problems with it at all. I've put over 1,000 rounds through it and I'm extremely happy with mine. It's so lite and the action is supper smooth. It's the shotgun I've ever shot!
  2. 6 months ago
    Feels light, points naturally.
    I bought this shotgun mainly for shooting clays and it seems to be a good choice. It feels light in the hand and points very naturally. The cam action of the bolt is a little strange feeling at first (you can feel a tug at the foregrip when firing), but it does speed up the action and also seems to dissipate some recoil. The soft butt-pad also helps take the sting away. With field loads this shotgun is very tame. I ran over 150 rounds through it the first trip out and had no soreness at all - ... read more can't say that about my other shotguns. It hasn't had any issues cycling any round I have tried in it.
  1. 5 years ago
    Excellent Shogun!!!
    Just bought last week and put about 100 shells through her and shot awesome... Seen many reviews about the slide being alittle loose and yes it is but I can look past that with how lite this gun is... Neon sight is fantastic... Overall a great shotgun for Turkey or Target...
  2. 3 years ago
    Great gun
    My parents bought me this gun for my birthday and I can not be more pleased with what I chose can't wait to kill a turkey with it.
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