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  1. 3 months ago
    The greens are so green! The reds are so red! Wearing these are like seeing life in that picture filter that makes every color POP! Great glasses. Buy them. Do it do it.
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  2. 1 month ago
    Great Everyday & Light Activity Glasses But Could Use A Bit Darker LensEveryday & Light Activity Glasses But Could Use A Bit Darker Lens
    What: Outliers in Tortoise w/Brown ChromaPop Polarized lens. (2015 Model I believe) Why: I have several pairs of sunglasses depending on activity and occasion, but found I really needed a solid "gap filler." Something I could drive in, wear casually almost every day in every situation, but engage in light activities and sports too. A pair that is not overly delicate or expensive like my formal wear sunglasses, but also subdued enough that if I needed to I could wear them in a suit & tie to a ... read more formal client meeting I would not look like a goof. I was originally leaning towards another big name brand, but saw these at a local Sporting Goods store and after trying them on, decided to purchase them. I'll start off by writing that your head's shape and size, and projection of features (cheek bones, nose & bridge, etc) is an important part of picking sunglasses that are right for you. My head is a medium oval shape and I wear a 7.25 hat size. I have a standard face (not too slim, not very meaty/fleshy) but I thin out when I start training. Medium sized features. Below is my subjective opinion: Pros: In my current trim, the outer edges of the Outlier's frames line up just a touch shy of edges of my cheekbones which is how frames should fit a face. This made them an instant move into the consideration pile when trying on different glasses at the store. The squared off lens shape with a gentle bit of arch compliments my face shape. Probably wouldn't work as well on Square faces or Round faces. You Diamond / Upside down Triangle faces can go with just about anything. For a thicker / chunkier styled set sunglasses, while they look heavy, in actuality they are suitably light. In hand, I would say they weigh about the same as a single AA battery. I recently wore them for 7 hours straight on a road trip to the Ridge Region of Pennsylvania and had forgotten they were on my face. Build, material, and finish quality I would put at slightly below some of my fashion label glasses, on par with the other big-names in this category, if not slightly better than two or three other well known names. The ChromaPop lenses work as advertise. They increase resolution and clarity in daylight. Colors standout and don't muddle. They also don't give the world an alien world, weird vibrancy and hue saturation, super resolution which I tend not to like as it becomes disorienting when the glasses come off or in situations where you glasses to come on/off frequently. Under the brown ChromaPop lenses, white light takes on warm dark tannish yellow (no duh!) but not disturbing. Everything is natural and enhanced. Lifetime Warranty. I caveat this by saying I haven't had a chance to try out this claim in whole, however, had Smith Ski goggles in the past whose foam padding simply wore out after several seasons of use, and Smith offered me a 50% discount on any pair of goggles on this site after I sent the old pair back. I also had the nose pads fall off an older pair of Smith Wrap Arounds and they sent me new pads no questions asked. Unless you do something ridiculous, Smith will probably stand behind their product and offer you at least a 50% replacement guarantee. Cons: UV protection is paramount with sunglasses, but I was disappointed with the amount of light transmittance. I'm not sure if this is a factor of the Brown lenses versus say a Grey, but this particular set of lenses seem to let a bit more light through than I would like. I don't have to squint but I am surprised how bright everything still is even with shades on. Friends say they can see my eyes quite easily. On a scale of 100, if outdoor sunny day where a 100 without glasses, these seems to dim the lights to about 85. I would like something more in the 70 range. I feel the large 2.5" rubber dimpled overmould used at the back of the arms where it slips over your ears, these will eventually begin caking up with oil and hair product and undoubtedly dry out / wear down and deteriorate then split. Wish an oleophobic silicone would have been used here, or none at all. Like most polarized lenses, looking at your smartphone while wearing these will make your screen feel like a surreal kaleidoscope of colors and rainbows. Subjective but the big gold "S" emblem, and gold inlay accent on the arms is something that could have been done without. I see Smith has changed this for the 2016 model and gone with a more subtle and tasteful "SMITH" pad printed roll mark.
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  1. 1 month ago
    Comfortable glasses with great customer service.
    I purchased these sunglasses about a year ago and have worn them almost daily since. Lightweight and comfortable, I usually forget I have them on. A few weeks ago one of the lenses developed an issue (coating started to come off). A quick email to Smith and they took care of it. I’ll stick with Smith for their warranty and great customer service. Note: I originally bought the "slim" model because I have a somewhat slender face, but they were too small...the regular model fits perfectly.
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