Academy Sports + Outdoors is your one-stop shop for sports training gear. Regardless of whether you’re seasoned veteran or rookie, Academy has wide selection of training equipment that will get you game ready. And even better, our everyday low prices and expansive selection of products will guarantee that you get what you need for the lowest price possible.

Football Training
To be at the top of your game, you’ve got to train like you mean it. Get the same football training aids NFL players use to reach their full potential:
• Run even faster with speed training aids like the parachute, hurdles and resistance training.
• Up your agility so you can juke an oncoming tackle by training with the agility ladder.
• To increase your passing accuracy and make the football fit in those small windows, practice with SKLZ Quickster® Ultraportable QB Passing Trainer.
• Ensure the game winning field goal by perfecting your kicking game with the top-of-the-line training football tees.

Baseball/Softball Training:
Hit it out of the park with baseball training gear:
• See exactly how fast your pitches are traveling with the Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun.
• Correct your swing with the baseball hitting aids, allowing you to hit it out of the park. Then, hit a few pitches from the pitching machine. The SKLZ pitch machine can also act as a fielding trainer by soft tossing and simulating a fly ball.
• Perfect your hand-eye coordination with drills from a baseball tee. Set the batting tees on different level by adjusting the heights for more of a challenge.

Volleyball Training:
Regardless if you are on the beach or in the gym playing volleyball, sports training gear from SKLZ will boost your game, taking you to another level:
• Use the SKLZ Plyo Box Set to practice jumping even higher. These boxes will give you the explosive power you need to spike any volleyball that dares to cross the net.

Golf Training:
Golf is a game that requires practice and lots of it. The key to success is through learning the fundamentals of the game:
• Replicate the fairway with one of the top-of-the-line golf mats from brands like Wilson, SKLZ and Callway.
• Perfect your golf club swinging motion with the swing trainer, which allows you to increase your distance and accuracy.
• Gain more confidence on the greens by improving your short game with the wide variety of putting aids available at Academy.

Soccer Training:
In soccer, fundamentals are key, and Academy has the training products you need to master the basics:
• Increase your accuracy with shooting trainer equipment provided by SKLZ.
• Improve your dribbling ability by utilizing the Brava soccer cones. Create soccer training courses to challenge your handling skills.
• Enhance your goal keeping skills by increasing your side-to-side quickness on the agility ladder.

Basketball Training:
Learning to train is easy with our essential basketball training gear:
• Look good on the court with Nike, adidas and Under Armour headbands, wristbands and shooting sleeves in your team’s colors.
• When the game gets physical, make sure you are protected with Rawling knee pads
• Put in your free throw practice with Spalding’s Basketball Return. It sends the ball back to you every time it goes through the basketball net.

Tennis Training:
Prepare yourself for a day on the court with our tennis training aids:
• Equip yourself with match-tested tennis balls from Gamma. Also, Gamma provides a reusable polyester mesh bag for easy transporting.
• Practice anytime, anywhere with the Unique Fill-n-Drill Tennis Trainer. This Tennis trainer has a long rubber cord that returns the ball after every stroke, allowing you to train by yourself.

Lacrosse Training:
Make sure you have the latest training gear to prepare for the upcoming season:
• Get some top-of-the-line Warrior and STX lacrosse sticks. Turn to Brine to customize your lacrosse stick to your team or your colors.
• Shed defenders and improve your agility with SKLZ’s quick ladder.
• Perfect your cradling skills and shot using the B-Lax Blast Lacrosse Rebounder. With the rebounder you can practice own your own and its portability allows you to practice anywhere.

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