Baseball Gloves & Mitts

Baseball Gloves

Academy Sports + Outdoors is your one-stop shop for best baseball gloves from top brands like Nike, Rawlings, Nokona, Mizuno and Louisville Slugger.

Catcher’s Gloves

A catcher’s glove is also called a catcher’s mitt because it doesn’t have separate slots for fingers like gloves for other positions. The catcher’s glove is built tough to be able to catch as many fast balls the pitcher can throw his way. For this reason, catcher’s mitts tend to be very stiff at first, but once broken in, they are soft and pliable.

First Baseman’s Glove

A first basemen’s glove is very similar to a catcher’s glove, except it is longer and has less padding on the fingers. First basemen’s gloves are typically for ages 10 and above because it can be difficult for younger kids to close a bigger glove.

Pitcher’s Glove

Pitcher’s gloves are made with comfort in mind versus performance. The comfort is important since they are constantly catching. Pitchers need a baeball glove that is big enough to hide their hand movement avoiding giving away the pitch to a batter.

Infield and Outfield Gloves

Infield gloves are designed for the quick plays that infielders are known for. These gloves are shorter, with pocket that are shallower than other gloves. When the play is on the line, infielders need an open pocket that makes it easy to get the ball out.

Outfield gloves are designed to catch high fly balls and make diving catches. This means that the gloves are longer and deeper with extra support in the fingers. These pockets are the best for long extension plays that need to keep the ball in the glove, like diving plays.

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